Want to empty your garage from unwanted vehicle? Or looking to get rid of your scrap vehicle with instant cash? Our car removals Mornington is a perfect answer to all these question. We buy and remove cars, vans, trucks in all Melbourne suburbs. Free removal service plus instant payment on the time of vehicle collection.

Old Junk Car Removals Mornington

Car removals Mornington experts are ready everytime to remove all wrecked, damaged crashed and junk cars free of cost. Any car that has been in an unfortunate incident gets stowed immediately from the scene. Our car removal services are just a phone call away. Besides, our company cash for old cars Mornington will pickup your scrap vehicle without registration and roadworthy.

Free Unwanted Car Removals Mornington Service

Our customer support is very prompt with their responses. All you need to do is inform us of the event. We note down your location and reach there right on time. You can even let us know if you come across a crashed car stranded anywhere in the suburb.

Mornington Car Removal - Free Of Cost

We have full authorization to tow stranded wrecked cars. Our LMCT permit enables us to be the certified auto wreckers in Mornington. Car removals Mornington buy all kinds of vehicles for recycling. No matter what condition your car is in, we you cash for it instantly.

Removing Cars For Wrecking & Dismantling

Seeing how valuable even a completely damaged car is, it is smart no to let it sit in your garage. When you have a great opportunity to earn cash for junk cars, you must sell those straightaway.

Earning Cash Car Removal Mornington

Our car removal team has access to every area in the suburb. Let us know your exact address and have your unwanted car removed on the same day. A large quantity of all these recycled material is consumed for further production. Our recycling process ensures 100% safety of the environment. Which means we can be trusted with our disposal routine.

  1. The experts, first, drain all the leftover fluid. All while making sure that none of the toxins harm the ground or atmosphere.
  2. After assessing all parts, the car dismantlers pull and separate all the parts.
  3. All parts that can be reused go in our stock. Anything that is damaged and can’t be repaired goes into the pile that is to be recycled.
  4. Next, each material (plastic, glass, rubber) is separated for individual recycling.
  5. Finally, the car’s hollow metal body is crushed and recycled.

All these details about dismantling and recycling vehicle is described on our auto wreckers Mornington service page.

Our Car Pickup and Removals Process

Car removals Mornington buy vehicles and remove them on same day. We use them for manay purpose. On the one hand, we use them for recycling. On the other, we buy them for wrecking and parts, thanks to car wrecker Melbourne program. It all depends on your vehicle. Our experts first evaluate your car for its usefulness.

  • If the car is good enough to resell, we put it on the market.
  • If your car needs some repairs, the technician do the fixes.
  • And if your car is completely wrecked beyond repair, the car recyclers take care of it. A car mainly consists of metal, rubber, plastic and glass. All of which is recycled and used again.